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Rackspace vs Prgmr

This post was created on January 5th, 2012 by Sudhanshu and has 7 comments. It has been filed under , , , ,

We have been working on a couple of our own applications, and since they do involve a server side components as well, we decided to spend some time to understand which service should we go ahead with.

I have been been a big fan of Slicehost for years, and when they got acquired by Rackspace, we decided to move there as well. Not to say that we haven’t spent time with other services. We suggest Linode to a lot of our clients, so we have done decent amount of work with that as well. However, Prgmr and Rackspace are two of my favorites and I wanted to find out which one of them works better.

We deviced a simple test. Since we were going to run the site on a really low end box with Apache and PHP (no nginx for now), we decided to put up two really small servers, configure Apache, and track the average response time that we were getting.

It looks a little over 2 hours to come out with the results and here is what we saw

Blue is RackspaceCloud and Red is Prgmr.com

In this screenshot, we have we have reduced the scale of the Y-axis to 5 seconds. As you can see Prgmr.com was slightly slower, but must more consistent.

You can see here that Rackspace almost forgets to respond at times

Another point to note is that the Prgmr.com server has 256MB of RAM while the Rackspace server has 512MB of RAM. So on the whole, if you’re looking for a small VPS to help start your website, I would suggest moving ahead with Prgmr.com.

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7 Responses to “ Rackspace vs Prgmr ”

  1. Gaurav Mishra says:

    That’s interesting observation. I am seeing lagged response from my slicehost in last few months.

  2. Sudhanshu says:

    Oh well, it could also because of the load on the server. I don’t think the service quality has changed.

    Anyways, we’re thinking of migrating completely to prgmr in the coming months.

  3. [...] setting up a server to host a node.js application. For the record, I use servers at prgmr.com (I just love them) and use the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Terms Support), so all instructions are with that in [...]

  4. Lewis says:

    prgmr dedicates a cpu to each vps, hence the consistent response.

  5. Sudhanshu says:

    Good to know that Lewis.

  6. Sam Watkins says:

    I’ve been using prgmr.com for years and am very happy with them. It is not possible that they would give every VPS its own CPU, but the VPS might be bound to a particular CPU core.

    The main cause of slow computers is disk IO. Every major operating system shares the disk IO bandwidth very badly. Common examples: windows virus checker slows computer to a crawl; Linux runs out of memory and starts swapping, becomes unreponsive; one process starts reading or writing a whole lot of files, other processes go very slowly.

    Prgmr.com has made innovations in sharing disk IO under xen, so the virtual servers will share the disks quite fairly.

  7. Sudhanshu says:

    Thanks for the reply @Sam. We love those guys as well and are still using them.


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