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7 beautiful apps to make writing on iPad easier

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Writing is important. We all write. There are thousands of apps on iTunes Store that would help you to write. The purpose of writing would differ like someone writes only for note taking, someone writes essays for passion, someone writes thesis as a student. We thought of letting you know the 7 best apps on iTunes Store that would make your writing experience better.

Pages by Apple Inc

Pages is a beautiful and powerful word processor. It is a clone of its Mac variant. If you are a Mac user and if you use Pages, you know what it can do. Pages on iPad does the same thing as it does on Mac.

The beauty of Pages is that it is highly customizable. You can import standard document formats like Pages ’09 and Microsoft Word files and start editing them right on your iPad. You can save your writing as Pages ’09, or Microsoft Word file or even as a PDF file.

The goodies of Mac version like editing text styles are available on iPad too. You can change font style and sizes. There are 16 templates to start from. Each template is perfectly coordinated with the fonts, colors and background it needs. You can add your own graphics to make it look more beautiful.

Pages syncs with iCloud so that you can find your documents on your other devices. So you leave writing on your iPad and you can continue on your iPhone later on and vice versa.

Pages is available on iTunes Store as a universal app for $9.99

iA Writer by Information Architects, Inc

There are writers who just want to write. They don’t want to change font styles and sizes. They don’t want any preferences. All they want to do is write. iA Writer is a writer made specifically for them.

iA Writer is the most minimalistic writing app on iPad. You can’t customize anything. Not the font, not the background, not even the colour. It is purposely so rigid. The font it uses is a very pleasant font, called Nitti Light, that is big on the screen and very easy on the eyes. iA Writer comes with a enhanced keyboard that makes it easy to add punctuation marks like colon, semi-colon, apostrophes etc.

With iA Writer, you are focussed only on writing. Nothing distracts you from writing. It does prompt you for spelling mistakes by adding a dashed red line on wrong spelled word. Selecting the misspelled word gives you autocorrect suggestions. There is a noise free mode available, that makes the writing experience more focussed and clutter-free. Focus Mode blurs out everything except the current three lines of text. In Focus Mode, no spell check, toolbars, or editing come between to distract you from moving forward.

iA Writer is tightly integrated with iCloud and Dropbox. Anything you write would be updated on your other devices. With iA Writer you can make only plain text (.txt) files.

iA Writer is available as a universal app on iTunes Store. It is on sale right now and costs $0.99. It has a companion Mac app sold separately.

Elements by Second Gear

Elements is a beautiful text editor for iPad. It is a dedicated Markdown and Dropbox powered writing environment for iPad.

With Elements you can create and edit plain text and Markdown files. It has autosave and manually save option. So all that you write gets saved to your selected Dropbox folder. If you’re offline, your changes would be uploaded to Dropbox next time you’re connected.

Elements lets you change fonts and margins and comes with many other settings that user can change. It comes with two themes, dark and light for a better writing experience. One of the best features we found on Elements is that you can email files as rendered HTML. It also supports TextExpander. Elements doesn’t sync with iCloud.

Elements is also a universal app. It costs $4.99 on iTunes Store.

Byword by Metaclassy, Lda.

Byword, like iA Writer is also a minimalistic writing app but with some preferences that you can set on your own. It is an amazing environment for writing Markdown on iPad.

Byword looks more or less like Elements but has its own different features. It has an extension to keyboard for the user to easily access punctuation marks. There are four fonts available, if you are not comfortable with the default font.

The most important feature of Byword is that it provides Markdown preview. You can’t preview it as you write, but there is a different preview mode available that you can access from Settings. Moreover, TextExpander is integrated into the app.

Byword syncs with both iCloud and Dropbox. There’s a Copy HTML feature perfect for bloggers. You can also email rendered HTML.

Byword is an universal app too. It has a Mac app that is sold separately. The iPhone/iPad version is currently on sale and is sold for $2.99.

WriteRoom by Hog Bay Software

WriteRoom in another simple and minimalistic app that fits into our list of writing apps. It includes a lot of customizable options. It works only with plain text formats.Unfortunately, WriteRoom won’t open Rich Text files.

To get an idea of how much you can customize in WriteRoom, you should know that you have option of choosing over 50 fonts. It is multilingual too. It too has an extended keyboard to make it easy to add punctuation marks. You can change the background for your aesthetic pleasure.

WriteRoom supports Dropbox syncing. It also has TextExpander Integration. You can password-lock the app so that no one else could read what you’ve written. This makes it a very good personal journal.

WriteRoom is an universal app priced at $4.99 on iTunes Store. There are no in-app purchases.

Writings by Ice Cream Studios

Writings is another plain text editor in our list. It is again a very sophisticated app that lets you focus on your text. To add to its simplicity it doesn’t let user to change formatting options.

Writings supports distraction free writing by fading out everything except the text. A simple tap out of the keyboard brings bak all the necessary controls. To make your writing experience more comfortable, Writing allows you to customize the text font, size, page width and colors (including reverse color scheme).

Writings supports Dropbox syncing. It also supports TextExpander. All files are saved in .txt format using UTF-8 encoding.

Writings is available only for iPad. It costs $4.99 on the iTunes Store.

Simplenote by Codality, Inc

Simplenote is specifically a note-taking app. It is that app that you open up and start writing rough notes anyhow. You require to have simplenote.com account to be abe to use this app.

The UI of this app isn’t really much interesting. It looks like an app with all native UI elements. But the beauty of this app is that it works with simplenote.com. Simplenote is a web-service that helps people write and share notes. There are many apps that use Simplenote’s web service. The Simplenote iPad app is just one of them.

The best thing about Simplenote is that you can see versions of your notes. This works exactly like how versions work in Mac OS X Lion. There is a slider, as you slide it backward, you can see the changes that were made. Plus, you can add tags to your notes. Simplenote boasts very powerful search using which you can search in titles and notes.

Simplenote is available on both iPhone and iPad. It is free. There is an in-app purchase worth $19.99 that adds few goodies.

The Conclusion

We’ve shown you the best writing apps on iPad. There is no limit to the number of writing apps that would keep on coming on iOS. All we look for is a aesthetical writing pleasure.

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